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and Akela shook himself clear of Mowgli for an instant, and, leaping into the air, fell backward dead upon his last and most terrible kill.
Leaping off these walls one can imagine larger views of intellectualized landscapes as seen in the paintings of Lucio Pozzi and Michael Goldberg.
The giant hydropower company plans to dam China's famous Tiger Leaping Gorge, where the sheer cliffs of snow-crested peaks flank the thundering Jinsha River to form one of the deepest and most majestic canyons on Earth.
Tiger Leaping Gorge is unique in the world," says Beijing environmental consultant Ma Jun, one of those who traveled to Yunnan and author of the influential book China's Water Crisis.
A final freeze-frame catches him in midair: a self-portrait of the artist as leaper--as leaping image, Also left in suspense is the question of a coming (thinner, faster, emptier, more abstract) subjectivity that might start again from the zero of today and make the void creative again.
The record for the largest, heaviest hopper ever conceived may go to a leaping battle tank patented in 1945 by Henry W.