leap down

leap down (from something)

to hop down from something or some place. The performer leapt down from the stage and ran up the aisle. She leapt down and ran away.
See also: down, leap
References in classic literature ?
As for me," thought Porthos, giving Mordaunt his whole attention, "were it not for breaking in on the majesty of the situation I would leap down from the bench, reach Mordaunt in three bounds and strangle him; I would then take him by the feet and knock the life out of these wretched musketeers who parody the musketeers of France.
Hear I the roaring streams from Pirohitee's peak of spears, when they leap down the crags and drown the villages?
He wanted to leap down among these hairy monsters and show them that he was their friend, that he was one of them.
When I saw my poor brother led away to imprisonment, I attempted to leap down into the Council Chamber, desiring to intercede on his behalf, or at least bid him farewell.
At evening, they would leap down from the pines, and beg with their hands for things to eat, and then swing off in graceful curves.
However, the chorus of guessing was cut short by Bruno, who suddenly rushed on from behind the scenes, and took a flying leap down among the Frogs, to re-arrange them.
We touch the notes gently to lah as we race up and down the ladder, and then, at the command of his ruler, we leap dangerously from doh to soh to doh and leap down again.
He said, he watched the suspect -- later identified by police as Joshua Raftery, 25, of Fitchburg -- leap down 20 feet toward the Nashua River.
Now you've got first team, then a big leap down to under-21s and youth team.
FRIGHTENED holidaymakers leap down emergency chutes after smoke poured from a jet's brakes.
His three victims all fell to stupendous catches, with Niall O'Brien, deputising for the unwell Gary Wilson, getting the breakthrough with a salmon like leap down the leg-side to remove Nowroz Mangal (13).
As Sara's 40th birthday approaches, her friends, including Nicola ut Do you a) Dial 999 b) Leap down to check his airways, breathing and stop the bleeding from his head, or Rush home, look for your passport and split up with your fiancee, telling her it's all her fault?
Once the brakes are disengaged, push both levers all the way forward, depress the accelerator pedal, and the Abbott will leap down the track.
We just wonder when the first contestant will lose control and leap down the chute after their money
Make a leap down the Arabian Peninsula and visit Sanaa, Yemen for a weekend.