leap at

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leap at (someone or something)

1. To jump toward someone or something. I shrieked when the dog suddenly leaped at me.
2. To accept or seize with alacrity an opportunity. Often used in the phrase "leap at the chance (to do something)." Mark complains about his teaching job a lot, but I knew if he were offered a tenured position in the school, he would leap at it. When our manager said she was leaving the company, I leaped at the chance to fill the job.
See also: leap

leap at someone or something

1. to jump toward someone or something. The grasshopper leapt at me and scared me to death. The cat leapt at the mouse and caught it.
2. to accept or choose someone or something eagerly. We leapt at Carl when his department offered him to us. When we had the chance to hire Carl, we leapt at it.
See also: leap

leap at

1. To spring or bound toward someone or something: The cat leaped at the mouse.
2. To accept something eagerly, as an opportunity: I leaped at the chance to be an intern at the publishing company.
See also: leap