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This is a self-contained computer," Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz told (https://www.
The LEAP platform provides a flexible micro-service architecture and easily consumable REST APIs that can integrate with existing systems requiring content services or new content applications, including:
Leap Gaming is adeveloper and provider of 3D gaming technology and products with a focus on Virtual Sports and virtual casino.
He coined the term "leap year" and declared that a year that is divisible by 100, but not by 400, is not a leap year.
AT&T plans to keep the Cricket brand under which Leap runs a 3G CDMA network as well a 4G LTE network, use Cricketa[euro](tm)s distribution channels, while providing the branda[euro](tm)s clients with access to AT&Ta[euro](tm)s 4G LTE mobile network and taking Cricket to more US states, it has said.
The New York Times app for the Leap Motion Controller was developed by The New York Times Idea Lab.
From 1964 through 1992, Gregorian and Iranian leap days fell only three weeks apart.
4 Herman Hollerith developed what some say was the first computer on Leap Day 1860.
And every day for the rest of the year really, because some people believe women can propose to their beaus on any day during a Leap Year.
Meanwhile, some women and minority youths with same-sex attractions feel the words gay, lesbian, and bisexual represent only rich white men, Leap adds.
After his lone-ranger travels, Woolridge plans on heading to Washington, where he hopes to become a Congressional lobbyist for LEAP.
Clem's leap into the fast, slick, immaterial material of the mass-media image (both the subject and the "support" of his practice) is potentially--and it's an open question, left hanging here--the arrival of a new, post-Kleinian trickster art capable of reappropriating its own expropriation by media culture.
The LEAP clinic is a highly collaborative partnership involving the University's special education department, the public school, and parents.