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Pricing and the exact shipping date haven't been given yet for the Magic Leap One, but the company says that it will ship in 2018.
LEAP Capture Service - enabling users to embed advanced document and data capture capabilities into custom applications.
6 One in five engaged couples in Greece avoid getting married in a leap year because they believe it's bad luck.
LEAP Year babies will never celebrate a Golden Birthday - when their age matches their birth date.
During its 20 year existence, over 800 local children from nearly 550 families in 10 communities have received assistance from the LEAP clinic.
The tradition of women proposing to their men is believed to originate in Ireland when St Patrick granted women permission to propose on leap years.
A leap year has one extra day inserted into February and therefore lasts 366 days.
However, you may be surprised to know that among any given group of trained distance runners, anaerobic power, as measured by sprint speed, vertical jump height and plyometric leap distance, is likely to predict the best 10K time.
The guide contains these sections: (1) the LEAP timeline; (2) "LEAP Reporting Guidelines"; (3) "LEAP Data Definitions and Glossary"; (4) "High Schools"; (5) "LEAP Data Reporting Procedures"; (6) "LEAP Code Lists"; (7) "LEAP Data Transmittal"; and (8) "LEAP Record Layout.
What are the issues that still need to be addressed in order to finally make the giant leap to electronic collections?
The athletes are then evaluated in five categories: 40-yard dash, vertical leap, standing broad jump, the T-Test, and the medicine ball throw.
As a result of a LEAP grant, forest ecology and silviculture workshops were incorporated into a voluntary logger-certification program sponsored by the Pennsylvania Timber Harvesting Council (THC), a nonprofit corporation representing the state's forestry and logging community.
LEAP began as a coalition between community activists seeking to broaden their influence and six labor organizations --including Connecticut's United Auto Workers and International Association of Machinists--who wanted to establish a political base independent of the state A.
NASDAQ: CY) today announced that Leap Motion has selected Cypress's EZ-USB([R]) FX3[TM] solution for its 3-D motion sensing and control technology.
The second month had 29 days, breaking from the normal 28-day length, because 2016 was a leap year.