lean toward (someone or something)

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lean toward (someone or something)

1. To bend, tilt, or incline in the direction of someone or something. I tried leaning toward the door to hear what they were talking about in the other room. She leaned toward Tom and whispered something in his ear.
2. To have a slight preference for or inclination toward someone, something, or some action. Usually used in a continuous tense. We're leaning toward keeping the company privately held. I'm leaning toward a laptop rather than a desktop computer. We're still leaning toward Jeff, but we still have a few more people to interview for the job.
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lean toward someone or something

1. to incline toward someone or something. Tom is leaning toward Randy. I think he is going to fall on him. The tree is leaning toward the edge of the cliff. It will fall eventually.
2. to tend to favor [choosing] someone or something. lam leaning toward Sarah as the new committee head. I'm leaning toward a new committee.
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lean toward doing something

to tend toward doing something; to favor doing something. The union is leaning toward accepting the proposal. My friends leaned toward swimming instead of shopping.
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References in classic literature ?
The great deliberate moon Now leans toward the last resort of night, Gloom of the western waves.
When he leans toward me, the boat's black ramp starts grinding
"If Japan leans toward the United States, it could adversely affect its strategy in energy procurement.
Thomsen leans toward an inclusivist stance toward the religions as he stresses the universality of the cross.
An organization that focuses primarily on just one or two aspects of leadership development leans toward partial leadership.
The presidential elections last December demonstrated the strength of the linguistic and ethnic divisions in this marvellous country, whose west leans toward Europe and whose east towards Russia.
Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario in London says that other evidence leans toward a biological basis for the IQ differences.
And for the lesbians--my mother leans toward the more traditional tuxedo with bow tie, but I like the long-tie look.
Though the collection leans toward the study of black music forms, it acknowledges everything from graffiti art to religious worship styles to hip hop and breakdancing.
If your interest leans toward the grassroots level, you can get in on the ground floor of horticulture as an investment opportunity.
His witty tweaking of environmentalism from an insider's perspective is a good antidote for a movement that leans toward doom and gloom.
Military interest leans toward improving radar and replacing copper cables for internal communications in aircraft and ships.
The ash from volcanos might have led to cooling of the climate, but Vogt leans toward another explanation -- that taller mountains from faster collisions and elevated land from more productive hotspots would have captured more precipitation, from which ice sheets form.
And here I am, five foot six with mad hair, a tendency to flush, a fashion sense that leans towards Manchester United track suit bottoms, and an accent that snagged on top of the Pennines when I moved here from there, 35 years ago.