lean over backward

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lean over backward(s)

To expend a lot of energy or effort to do something; to inconvenience oneself. This phrase is often used to express frustration when one's efforts go unrecognized. I have been leaning over backwards to make sure that you have a wonderful visit, and you don't even care! The entire staff really needs to lean over backward while the CEO is visiting our office. I can't believe how ungrateful you're being, especially since we leaned over backward planning this dinner party for you!
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bend/lean over backward, to

To exert oneself enormously, to go to a great deal of trouble to satisfy or please someone. Originating in the United States about 1920, this expression, with its image of straining to do a backbend, is well on its way to cliché status.
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lean over backward

See bend over backward.
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