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"We have no money, fellow," said the lean Friar harshly.
"What sayest thou, thou limb of evil!" cried the lean Friar, fairly gnashing his teeth with rage.
Down slipped the fat Brother from off his horse on one side, and down slipped the lean Brother on the other.
Send some money straightway to these poor folk, lest the fat one waste away and grow as lean as the lean one, and the lean one waste away to nothing at all, ere they get to Lincoln Town; but send them only ten shillings apiece, lest they grow puffed up with pride, Any more than that that thou sendest, send to me.
So he went first to the lean Friar, and, thrusting his hand into the pouch, he drew forth a leathern bag and counted therefrom one hundred and ten pounds of golden money.
Finally, Equations (1) and (15) assume that the motorcycle tires have no width, such that the portion of the tires contacting the roadway does not change as the motorcycle and rider lean. In reality, as the motorcycle leans, the portion of the tire contacting the road changes and the contact patch moves in the direction of the lean (Figure 2).
As discussed in the "Assumptions" section, Equation (1) neglects the width of the motorcycle tire, and thus, neglects the fact that the portion of the tire in contact with the roadway changes as the rider leans the motorcycle.
Both have more fat-and the Armour much more sodium than the Light & Leans, but at just four to six grams of fat per frank, neither is going to break your grease bank.
So, instead, you buy chicken or turkey dogs, or red meat dogs that are "light" or "lean." Like millions of other consumers, you assume they're much healthier.
Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore, May 03, 2018 --( With the growing need in the market to improve the planning of construction projects and to incorporate dynamic inputs and quick decision making, Lean Station is announcing two mobile apps for site teams and the management teams.
Introducing the Lean PlanDo Site & the Lean PlanDo Insights mobile apps.
* LEAN MANUFACTURING PRINCIPLES FOCUS on eliminating waste and producing only to meet customer demand.
Some companies talk about becoming lean. And they even practice some elements, too.