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Balaji, "Fuzzy logic based leanness assessment and its decision support system," International Journal of Production Research, vol.
With weight being a prevalent theme within the sport of rock climbing, not only will this study provide insights into the sport of rock climbing but it will also contribute to the literature on body image and leanness focused sports.
The association between leanness and running performance has been reported among trained or recreational male and female runners of middle distance to marathon (1-5).
In Part 2 of the leanness research, I use scored and graded long-term inventory data from Part 1 but sorted and combined with additional data in support of four special-topic studies.
For example, Olivardia (2001) proposed that muscle dysmorphia be defined with three key criteria: a) a person is preoccupied with a lack of muscularity and leanness, b) the primary focus is a concern with lack of muscularity rather than level of fat, and c) this preoccupation causes distress that is clinical in social, occupational, or other areas considered important.
* Leanness: This represents the elimination of waste or the doing of more with less.
Surprisingly, adolescents engaged in sports with an advantage of leanness were not significantly more weight concerned than their nonsporting peers.
"Suffolk-sired lambs had the most rapid gains, were 10 to 16 pounds heavier, and had the most desirable leanness at the end of the postweaning feedlot trial," says David Notter, professor emeritus in the Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
Among specific topics are Web applications for outsourcing logistics services, measuring the impact of tools on the leanness of electronic procurement processes, monitoring and warning mechanisms of supply coordination in assembly system under delivery uncertainty, using radio-frequency identification technologies to electronically enable logistics supply chains, and a University of Greenwich case study of cloud computing.
Effective April 8, Russia banned almost all imports of Mexican beef because of concerns that Mexican producers had not complied with a commitment to refrain from using the animal-feed additive ractopamine, used to promote leanness in animals raised for their meat.
Their leanness helped them get up the Chisholm Trail in the decades after the Civil War, in what Don Worcester, author of The Texas Longhorn, described as "the greatest movement of cattle in history." Fatter cattle could not have made the trek.
The discovery prompted Froguel to commence his study of obesity and the genetic makeup of individuals who suffer from both extreme obesity as well as extreme leanness.
Should-cost is simply a tool for identifying candidate areas for increased efficiency and leanness, and in some sense, a metric that provides feedback to managers.
They must explore meaningful change across their entire organization--reviewing strategic business and operating models, target customer segments, product portfolios, distribution strategy, IT capability, cost structure, organizational leanness, and other elements of their overall business.
(Yes, my other mentor in the world of leanness, Sandy Munro, would rail against the use of threaded fasteners, but as this is for example only, I'm sure it is permissible.) A customer, Pawley said, wasn't at all interested in paying for torquing that fastener down--except for the very last turn.