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So we're trying to run as leanly and as effectively as we can.
A.'s book is a model of presentation: symmetrically organized, leanly written as far as its topic permits, and entirely lacking in obfuscation.
perceived incapacity of leanly staffed organizations to gather and act
Magician, for fifty years we have lived leanly, avoided attachments, untied all habits, readying ourselves for the sea.
His face Was leanly composed: his gray eye dimly calm.
"It's not always easy getting your artworks and graphic property returned by former print suppliers," Leanly states.
French supplier Latecoere had planned to add a new factory in Tunisia to operate more leanly if it had succeeded in buying Airbus's Meaulte and Saint Nazaire plants in France.
But that was most likely because the Supreme Court's significantly busier docket in the mid-twentieth century kept the Solicitor General's leanly staffed Office fully engaged representing the United States as a party, which left fewer resources available for non-party amicus participation.
An aging work force, cost-cutting measures that leave an organization too leanly staffed, and the desire for flexibility are all contributing to the shift in the demand for skilled contingent workers.
[H]e runs silver in the silver moonlight, then he springs out like a flat figure cut leanly from tin against an abrupt and soundless explosion....
But Tribune had already squeezed out most of the fat in the Times Mirror dailies it acquired in 2000 (the historic Tribune papers had always been leanly operated), so there was little opportunity for gain.
When donors now review the foundation's Form 990, they see a leanly run non-profit.
Team Taylor has chosen to manage the boxer a little more leanly than most.