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lean against

1. To rest or recline against someone or something; to be propped against someone or something else. There's a big piece of sheet metal leaning against the side of the barn that you can use. We took turns leaning against each other while we waited in line.
2. To cause someone or something to rest or recline against someone or something; to prop someone or something up against someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lean" and "against." We had to lean the injured soldier against the side of a tree while we scouted the surrounding area. You can just lean that mirror against the wall for the time being. Sorry, let me just lean this against you while I get the hooks drilled into the wall.
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lean something against someone or something

to prop something against someone or something. She leaned her spade against the house and wiped the sweat from her brow. Bill leaned the mirror against his leg while he screwed the hook into the wall.
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lean against someone or something

to prop oneself against someone or something. The child leaned against her sister to keep warm. I leaned against the back of the chair and went right to sleep.
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CCTV showed the teenager, described to the court as "legless", mistakenly getting off the Merseyrail train at Liverpool's James Street station just before 11.30pm, and then turning around and leaning against the carriage as she realised her friends were still on board.
While moving in-between the exhibited towers, sitting on them or leaning against them, visitors discover "hidden" pieces of information that reveal each building's unique attraction through images, films, models and videos that feature exclusive interviews with the developer, relevant participants, and the architect.
Leaning against the rail, as everyone knows, is the normal thing to do when racing, and I did not pay pounds 54 to be told to get off it.
The boy found the woman leaning against her refrigerator, weak and shaking, unable to stand without support.
I have stopped people from leaning against it but I would like it to look greener and have more leaves.
In the photo above, I'm leaning against the world's oldest freestanding structure.
The thirty-four-year-old artist's recent exhibition at the David Kordansky Gallery in Los Angeles opened with Health Insurance, 2005, a framed real-estate advertisement from the '70s featuring a melancholic "swinger" leaning against the mantel inside his well-appointed digs, obligatory martini in hand.
Shokat Ali, who won the gold medal in the 1998 Asian Games, left the cue leaning against a wall at his home in Accrington while he went into his garage.
The school consists of a rough piece of wood leaning against a doorway, marked up with chalk.
Near the end, when he is leaning against the table, Balanchine used to say, 'Think of Jesus Christ on the cross.'"
--Make and session a Philly Bar leaning against a makeshift wallride in a ditch (OK to use somebody not on the team to hold the bar in place)
Try to limit head movement by leaning against a firm surface.
Just look for the six-story tall baseball bat leaning against the wall of the Louisville Slugger Museum at the corner of 8th and Main.
In explaining why he was leaning against a liquor tax increase, Richardson said, "I just don't want to tax people.
(It would be nigh impossible to build a spiral leaning against the hill that one could climb up while water flows down.)