lean toward (someone or something)

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lean toward (someone or something)

1. To bend, tilt, or incline in the direction of someone or something. I tried leaning toward the door to hear what they were talking about in the other room. She leaned toward Tom and whispered something in his ear.
2. To have a slight preference for or inclination toward someone, something, or some action. Usually used in a continuous tense. We're leaning toward keeping the company privately held. I'm leaning toward a laptop rather than a desktop computer. We're still leaning toward Jeff, but we still have a few more people to interview for the job.
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lean toward someone or something

1. to incline toward someone or something. Tom is leaning toward Randy. I think he is going to fall on him. The tree is leaning toward the edge of the cliff. It will fall eventually.
2. to tend to favor [choosing] someone or something. lam leaning toward Sarah as the new committee head. I'm leaning toward a new committee.
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lean toward doing something

to tend toward doing something; to favor doing something. The union is leaning toward accepting the proposal. My friends leaned toward swimming instead of shopping.
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References in classic literature ?
" Pierre kept saying as he leaned toward her with his whole body and eagerly listened to her story.
She looked questioningly at Frecoult, and at a moment that the Arab's attention was attracted in another direction the man leaned toward her and whispered that all was working out as he had planned.
Involuntarily she leaned toward him and put out her hand to touch his.
He leaned towards her and took her hand, as he said:
She leaned towards him, and her face shone as the face of a woman who prays that she may hear the one thing in life a woman craves to hear from the lips she loves best.
The high figure of the salary made him reflect that on that side Stepan Arkadyevitch's proposed position ran counter to the main tendency of his own projects of reform, which always leaned towards economy.
Sabin leaned towards the wall, and in a second the room was plunged in darkness.
Kaiser found a similar mix of views when it asked whether "independents" leaned toward one party or the other.
The poll, which comes as bad news to the Cahill campaign, asked undecided voters if they leaned toward a candidate.
Lester Crawford, leaned toward a 17-year-old age limit.
Tampa's Moving Current Dance Collective and Orlando's VOCI Dance Company leaned toward exotic and ethereal gestures and sweeps with music to match.
Rinaldi emphasizes the underlying Neoplatonic elements in Tasso's work, which she suggests could be the result of Patrizi's influence (48), even if Tasso progressively leaned toward the "rassicuranti lidi del razionalisrno arisrorelico" (15), a tendency evident in his reply to Patrizi's defense of Ariosto's poem.
Behaviorists have long leaned toward the opinion that barking doesn't carry specific information but serves as a general attention getter, much like a person calling, "Hey there." Yin tested this notion by applying a method used for analyzing primate calls.
So it has leaned toward charity programs negotiated separately and usually secretly between each company and country (where the countries of course give up freedom of action) -- and also toward selective price reductions where companies make no profit according to their own accounting, then wash their hands -establishing a case that they are not profiteering, instead of working together to solve the problem.
While her earlier films pivoted on social issues like the politics of desire in a sex-segregated state, this trio of works leaned toward heavy-handed dramatizations of hackneyed "universal" themes: life, death, insanity.