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She was no longer herself but a woman, with a woman's clinging need; and though she leaned ever so lightly, the need seemed satisfied.
Gordon Jones, who had been talking to the bishop, leaned towards him and pointed to the envelope.
He leaned upon the lounge with an arm extended across her, while the other hand still rested upon her hair.
She leaned a little forward in her place, she passed with all the effortless facility of her ingenuous youth, into the dim world of golden fancies which the story of the opera was slowly unfolding.
It was set about with hawthorn hedges and juniper bushes, and on the small, green branches sat a little nightingale, which sang so loud and clear "that all the garden and the walls rang right with the song." Prince James leaned from his window listening to the song of the birds, and watching them as they hopped from branch to branch, preening themselves in the early sunshine and twittering to their mates.
She leaned towards him, her face suddenly softened.