lean toward (someone or something)

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lean toward (someone or something)

1. To bend, tilt, or incline in the direction of someone or something. I tried leaning toward the door to hear what they were talking about in the other room. She leaned toward Tom and whispered something in his ear.
2. To have a slight preference for or inclination toward someone, something, or some action. Usually used in a continuous tense. We're leaning toward keeping the company privately held. I'm leaning toward a laptop rather than a desktop computer. We're still leaning toward Jeff, but we still have a few more people to interview for the job.
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lean toward someone or something

1. to incline toward someone or something. Tom is leaning toward Randy. I think he is going to fall on him. The tree is leaning toward the edge of the cliff. It will fall eventually.
2. to tend to favor [choosing] someone or something. lam leaning toward Sarah as the new committee head. I'm leaning toward a new committee.
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lean toward doing something

to tend toward doing something; to favor doing something. The union is leaning toward accepting the proposal. My friends leaned toward swimming instead of shopping.
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If you have high triglycerides and low HDL ("good") cholesterol--both signs of Syndrome X (see NAH, March 2000), lean towards more unsaturated fats (like olive or canola oil, salad dressings, nuts, and avocados).
And the bookies tentatively lean towards a third straight defeat for Lee Clark's side as they make the short journey to Sheffield Wednesday.
But plenty of punters are likely to lean towards the draw, at 3.6 (13/5) via Betdaq.
Britain, which has a special role in the Middle East, has already appeared to lean towards Israel by supplying parts for their jets.