lean in

lean in (to something)

to incline or press into something. You have to lean into the wind when you walk or you will be blown over. As you walk into the wind, lean in a little bit. The north wall of the barn leans in a little. Is it going to fall?
See also: lean
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A candid conversation with PwC US Chairman Bob Moritz and Facebook COO and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg
Moritz will share PwC's point of view on how companies can -- and must -- lean in, too, which he previously shared on his personal LinkedIn blog.
PwC has also invited clients, students and the general public to participate in the discussions around how companies must lean in too, via social media channels and with viewing events taking place at several client sites.
Very few companies have successfully implemented lean in the product development process," says Marc Lind, vice president of Aras Corp.
These are all aspects where PLM is basically a system for lean in eliminating waste, eliminating risk of errors, and eliminating wasted time," says Schmitt.
This all begs the question: How do you actually implement lean in product development?
The curved base flexes as you move, allowing you to lean in any direction giving a full range of motion and being curved it won't damage your lawn like many garden seats.