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Measure the amount he eats daily and consider cutting down or try a lower fat formula to keep him lean and mean.
In today's manufacturing environment where the difference between financial success and ruin is often measured in pennies per part, enterprises must operate their businesses with an eye toward becoming increasingly "lean and mean" and in control of their system.
The war coverage, interestingly enough, has included a ton of criticism of the Bush administration, and particularly Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, for a lean and mean approach to the war.
As it is turning out, the pundits were wrong, and the lean and mean strategy of the administration is, perhaps, a metaphor for our times.
I have worked in fat and happy organizations, and I have worked for lean and mean companies.
Yes, it's true that most finance functions can rightfully call themselves lean and mean after a decade of driving down costs and improving productivity, both of which were mostly fueled by the labor/technology exchange that marked the 1990s.