lean against

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lean something against someone or something

to prop something against someone or something. She leaned her spade against the house and wiped the sweat from her brow. Bill leaned the mirror against his leg while he screwed the hook into the wall.
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lean against someone or something

to prop oneself against someone or something. The child leaned against her sister to keep warm. I leaned against the back of the chair and went right to sleep.
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It's someone to give you a chance and someone to lean against that counts.
The monetary authority can, and should, lean against prevailing trends, not only when inflation threatens but also when the forces of disinflation seem to be gathering excessive momentum.
On a square platter, at the top, juicy lamb chops off the rack lean against a tasty tomato tart, while at the bottom left, sliced roast leg of lamb, pink and tender, perches atop a small heap of crunchy asparagus tips.
Later, the dancers line up and lean against the back wall, one dancer shedding a skirt of fabric starched so heavily it stands on its own in front of the group.
Thirty-six eleven-and-a-half-foot steel bars lean against the nave's walls.
From a distance, the viewer's impression of the larger canvases is of austere, monochromatic monoliths: serious-looking Minimalist slabs of paint that lean against or, in places, out from the wall on wires.