lean across

lean across (someone or something)

To stretch oneself across (someone or something), often while leaning on one's hand, elbow, etc. The student had to lean across several classmates to hand his assignment to the teacher. Will you please pass these papers down the aisle so I don't have to lean across? She leaned across the table to wipe the food from the child's face.
See also: across, lean

lean across someone or something

to incline oneself across someone or something. She leaned across me to reach the telephone and spilled my wine. Laura leaned across the table and knocked my coffee over.
See also: across, lean
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I lean across and kiss it softly away, Before I take my own warm sip.
This was no easy task and took over an hour to get set up as it entailed wheeling out a large square scaffolding that comprised of smaller fitted squares and was operated manually with ropes and pulleys and then it was a long climb to the top, lean across to change the bulb.
The 44-year-old musician had to lean across the wife of the president of the United States Tennis Association who was sitting between them, to kiss the 45-year-old actress, the Sun reported.
The menu is written on large blackboards which are hanging on the wall but with the tables full we had to lean across a few people to read it properly.
And before I had the chance to lean across the table to sample the lemon creme brulee with blueberry mint jelly it had gone - so it must have been good.
Additionally, the application of lean across more than one department is necessary if a company wants to sustain the results.
Though many companies have successfully used lean manufacturing practices on the plant floor, few have been able to apply lean across the supply chain where forecasts are so critical to successful planning.
To reach the branch and its sticky buds Edith would have had to stand on the stump of a tree by the bank and lean across, and then hook the branch down with her umbrella.
At the summit in Istanbul, Mr Bush was seen to lean across and whisper to Mr Blair to give him the news after receiving confirmation from US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld that the transfer had gone through.
As I lean across and place the blade over your hand, said-hand will probably be smartly withdrawn as you yet again ponder: "What, are you nuts or something?
Lean across, it says, look your host in the eye and ask nicely, and your tipple will duly come your way.
So the next time a mobile phone goes off in the cinema or at your favourite restaurant, lean across to the offender, gently prise the phone from his gasp and chuck it out the nearest window.
Moffatt, riding Candy Twist for trainer Ron Thompson, appeared to lean across and tried to hit Dean Mernagh, riding the appropriately named On The Mat, with his whip.