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"We have no money, fellow," said the lean Friar harshly.
"What sayest thou, thou limb of evil!" cried the lean Friar, fairly gnashing his teeth with rage.
Down slipped the fat Brother from off his horse on one side, and down slipped the lean Brother on the other.
Send some money straightway to these poor folk, lest the fat one waste away and grow as lean as the lean one, and the lean one waste away to nothing at all, ere they get to Lincoln Town; but send them only ten shillings apiece, lest they grow puffed up with pride, Any more than that that thou sendest, send to me.
So he went first to the lean Friar, and, thrusting his hand into the pouch, he drew forth a leathern bag and counted therefrom one hundred and ten pounds of golden money.
The central bank's executive management team led by CBO president H E Tahir bin Salim al Amri attended a full day engagement, which shed light on PDO's Lean transformation journey and how employees from across the business are engaged in making small improvements, every day that deliver significant benefits for the organisation as whole.
Muscat: Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) hosted a senior delegation from the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) to share best practice on PDO's Lean Continuous Improvement programme.
[ClickPress, Mon Nov 12 2018] The International Lean Six Sigma Institute, popularly known as ILSSI, is a leading institute established for the fostering of communication and standardization between Lean Six Sigma.
We asked Michael Sibayan, who has a Six Sigma Black Belt certification, for his insights into how lean thinking and management could improve profitability.
Introducing the Lean PlanDo Site & the Lean PlanDo Insights mobile apps.
The existence of this "Lean edition" of Windows 10 was first spotted on ( Twitter by ( Windows Central .
The goal of Lean Manufacturing is to perform tasks smarter, thereby reducing waste and increasing delivery times and productivity.
Considera-se que certas questoes, como cultura organizacional, tecnologia disponivel, processos organizacionais e liderancas, sao fatores criticos no sucesso da implementacao da filosofia Lean (Kennedy & Brewer, 2007; Schein, 2010; Shah & Ward, 2003; Sim & Rogers, 2009).