leak to

leak (something) to (someone or something)

To release or reveal information that was supposed to remain secret or classified to someone, something, or some group. A White House staffer has been accused of leaking the president's agenda out to the press. A whistleblower within the company leaked out information about their tax evasion practices.
See also: leak

leak something to someone

Fig. to tell [otherwise secret] information to someone. The government leaked a phony story to the press just to see how far it would travel. The government leaks things to the press occasionally, just to see the reaction.
See also: leak
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Direct relationship of the leak to the best matched facility.
Shut it off too soon and there might not be enough dye at the point of the leak to notice it.
Emergency crews traced the leak to a dormant underground pipeline near Sierra Highway and Dockweiler Drive, which may have broken under the stress of a storm-related landslide, according to Capt.
In the third test, it located the leak to within four miles.