lead to (something)

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lead to (something)

1. To guide or direct someone or something to something or some place. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is usually used between "lead" and "to." I dug a path that would lead excess rain water to a drainage ditch by the side of our house. The officer led us to the courtroom to await our sentence.
2. To serve as a route to or means of reaching something. This path leads to the woods. If we can find the river, it should lead us back to the campsite.
3. To cause or result in some state or condition. Only hard work leads to true success. Eating too much junk food could lead to some serious health problems, not to mention gaining weight!
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lead (someone or an animal) to something

to guide someone or an animal to something or some place. Would you lead Paul to the place where the trunks are kept? The cat is so old that we had to lead her to her food.
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lead to

1. To guide someone to something or someone: Our teacher led the children to the museum. This path leads to the other side of the forest.
2. To have something as a goal or result: Exercise leads to better health.
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