lead down to (something or some place)

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lead down to (something or some place)

1. Of a path or route, to continue down to or end up at some lower point or level. This trail leads down to the lake, while the other one leads up to the peak. That's the highway leading down to Florida—we want the one going to Atlanta.
2. To guide or direct someone or an animal down to some lower point or level. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lead" and "down." I've got to lead the herd down to new feeding grounds tomorrow. Firefighters entered the burning building and began leading people down to a safe place outside.
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lead someone down to something

to guide someone downward to something. She led us down to a little room in the cellar, where the old trunk had been kept for all these years. Would you please lead me down to the wine cellar?
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lead down to something

[for a pathway or other trail] to run downward to something. The trail led down to a spring at the bottom of the hill. These stairs lead down to the furnace room.
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References in classic literature ?
"There are miles of corridors honeycombing the ground beneath the gardens and the temple itself, and there is one passage that leads down to and connects with the lower regions that open on the water shaft that gives passage to Omean.
She ran so fast through the village that she was too early, and she had to wait a little while in the lane that leads down to Ribby's house.
This leads down to the side of the house via an access gate into the rear garden.
A wooden staircase leads down to the lower level where there is a further garden area with direct access from the garden room.
It leads down to a wild meadow with a variety of fruit trees, including apple, pear, greengage and plums.
"As he was in the act of crossing the mouth of the slip road which leads down to the westbound carriageway of Leasowe Road, he was struck at the rear of his machine by the car.
The cobbled no-through road it stands on leads down to the cottage gardens surrounding the Castle Mill.
They also found items of clothing on a slope which leads down to Killiney Beach but it is not known if the two finds are connected.
Staff vehicles enter at the rear of the building by means of a ramp that leads down to a subterranean car park.
The isolated lane leads down to Liverpool College and is next to the blocked off bridge on Mossley Hill Drive.
After grabbing the box they fled down a slip road at the back of the car park which leads down to the island at junction 2 of the M5.
The room is split-level and leads down to an impressive conservatory with French doors opening to the gardens.
It is in North Parade, a pleasant street which leads down to the seafront.
The drive leads down to the garage, with up-and-over doors and loft access.