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lead back

1. Of a path or route, to continue to one's point of origin. I think this trail will lead back to our campsite. There are a few roads leading back to New Jersey, but this one is definitely the fastest.
2. To guide or direct someone or something to some point of origin. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lead" and "back." We've set up markers along these rocks to help lead hikers back to the proper trail. The dense network of nerves lead the signal back to the brain at incredible speeds.
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lead someone or something back (to someone or something)

to guide someone or something back to someone or something. Someone will have to lead me back to camp. I just know I'll get lost if I go by myself. The park ranger led back the hikers to their tent. I will lead them back.
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lead back (to some place)

[for a pathway] to return to a place. This path leads back to the camp. I hope it leads back. It seems to be going the wrong way.
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References in classic literature ?
Whence, thank the good Lord, at least one leads back home.
Each writing lesson leads back to a reading lesson and visa versa, supporting approaches to activities that serve as building blocks for literacy.
Brett Dennen's lineage leads back to characters like Jimmie Rodgers and Woody Guthrie, guys who were always hot to get out of town and Always left with a guitar in tow.
The route then leads back to Ingleton for some well-deserved refreshment.
ISLAMABAD, 21 April , 2009 (Frontier Start) -- Rehman Malik, PM Advisor on Interior on Tuesday underlined that undoubtedly TNSM Chief Maulana Sufi Muhammad is ignorant of the Constitution of Pakistan adding traces of suicide attacks leads back to South Waziristan.
Goren (above) and Eames investigate the disappearance of a bookkeeper, which leads back to the death of her brother two years earlier.
One aspect of the aptly titled work seems to imagine an extended limit to the frames, but another leads back to its literality, its slablike thing-ness, which demands viewing from a variety of angles but ultimately shuts us out.
Which leads back to my third point: Are we, as a community, as churches, as families, as friends, being honest?
Each interior corridor leads back to a central waiting/administrative area, which makes it easy for patients and visitors to find their way around the center.
The lightness and sparkle of their petit allegro, the harmonious lines of their adagio, their exquisite feet, graceful carriage, marvelous port de bras, their charm--here, in the refinements of a great classical school, is the mysterious thread of continuity that leads back through the maze of history.
This line of reasoning leads back to the problem that interested the Enlightenment philosophers and modern scientists like Einstein, who said that what interested him most is whether God must obey his own laws.
"Every part of this disaster leads back to one central point: When you get in bed with the far right, they will take you down," said Kevin Ivers, director of public affairs for Log Cabin.
The place is a rocky valley which leads back into the hills, still with its traditional vegetation, quiet and aroma.
The search for the means by which cancer cells divide unchecked often leads back to telomeres, tiny structures on the ends of chromosomes.
This long discourse ultimately leads back to the author's theory, first voiced in 1971, that the architect was none other than Albrecht Direr.