lead (one) to believe

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lead (one) to believe

To cause one to believe something, especially if it is untrue. The sales agent led me to believe I would continue paying the lower price if I signed up for the TV service, but when I got my first bill I learned that wasn't the case. He led us to believe he had a graduate degree in economics. Turns out he didn't even graduate from high school.
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lead someone to believe something

Fig. to imply something to someone; to cause someone to believe something untrue. But you led me to believe that this watch was guaranteed! Did you lead her to believe that she was hired as a clerk?
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lead somebody to beˈlieve (that...)

make somebody think something is true, usually wrongly: I was led to believe that I didn’t need a visa to enter the country, and now it appears that I do.She led me to believe that she was a student, but she wasn’t. OPPOSITE: put/set somebody straight (about/on something)
See also: believe, lead, somebody
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Sportswriters and fans have watched it happen time and time again: The Sox spend the first part of the season winning game upon game, performing consistently on the field, and leading us to believe that this year, unlike each year before, they might actually take the pennant.
Movies such as Jaws have tainted our view of these creatures, leading us to believe that sharks are "dumb feeding machines" and man hunters, Klimley writes.
The flea market has already gone belly up, taking with it the $12 million in taxes the Three Musketeers promised us when they approved the venture, leading us to believe the flea market sales taxes would cover the deficit on the baseball stadium.