lead (one) to (do something)

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lead (one) to (do something)

To cause or compel force one to do something. The sales agent led me to believe I would continue paying the lower price if I signed up for the TV service, but when I got my first bill I learned that wasn't the case. These sales lead us to think that there is not much of a market for this kind of product. His continued misuse of the internet led his parents to ban him from using it altogether.
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lead (someone or an animal) to something

to guide someone or an animal to something or some place. Would you lead Paul to the place where the trunks are kept? The cat is so old that we had to lead her to her food.
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lead someone to do something

Fig. to cause someone to do something. This agent led me to purchase a worthless piece of land. My illness led me to quit my job.
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lead one to

Cause one to do something. For example, This report leads me to believe that we're in an economic recession, or Her unexpected pregnancy led her to take a leave of absence. [First half of 1500s]
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lead to

1. To guide someone to something or someone: Our teacher led the children to the museum. This path leads to the other side of the forest.
2. To have something as a goal or result: Exercise leads to better health.
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