lead (one) astray

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lead (one) astray

1. To lead one in the wrong direction; to cause one to be lost or in the wrong place. I'm afraid the GPS led us astray. We should have turned right back there. It was only when we saw the waterfall again that we realized our guide had been leading us astray.
2. To misdirect one into error. A few false positives led me astray at first, but I think I have a good idea of the data trends now.
3. To negatively influence one; to influence one to make poor choices. I just hope this new group that my son is hanging out with doesn't lead him astray.
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lead someone astray

to direct or guide someone in the wrong direction. I am afraid that this young man has been leading you astray. I think you had better stop seeing him. No one can lead me astray. I know what I am doing.
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lead somebody aˈstray

encourage somebody to behave in a silly or criminal way: Small children are easily led astray by older children.He’s a weak character, who’s easily led astray.
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They will blame the hard Brexiteers for leading them astray, and those who take a more cautious approach for not speaking up loudly enough for the alternatives!
The gang mentality can kick in, leading them astray, but by sitting them down as individuals in the same room as the people whose lives they have plagued will give them the chance to see that the effect they are having can be anything but petty.
She plays Saskia, the wife of a wealthy pensioner, who meets Ben, Joe, Dan and Jake in a lapdancing club and is soon leading them astray.
Suddenly, they had to scrap their already-writtenexposes,and,in a frenzy of self-justification, slamSven -or `Slippery Sven' as he'd now become -for leading them astray.
But she's like the Pied Piper - now she's collected the children, she's leading them astray.
On the other hand, would-be tyrants have long employed the tactic of appearing to cater to the will of the majority, while cleverly beguiling the people and leading them astray. Karl Marx advocated "democracy" in his Communist Manifesto, calling it "the first step in the revolution." A century later, Mao Tse-tung pointed to "the democratic revolution" as "the necessary preparation ...