lead (one) astray

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lead (one) astray

1. To lead one in the wrong direction; to cause one to be lost or in the wrong place. I'm afraid the GPS led us astray. We should have turned right back there. It was only when we saw the waterfall again that we realized our guide had been leading us astray.
2. To misdirect one into error. A few false positives led me astray at first, but I think I have a good idea of the data trends now.
3. To negatively influence one; to influence one to make poor choices. I just hope this new group that my son is hanging out with doesn't lead him astray.
See also: astray, lead

lead someone astray

to direct or guide someone in the wrong direction. I am afraid that this young man has been leading you astray. I think you had better stop seeing him. No one can lead me astray. I know what I am doing.
See also: astray, lead

lead somebody aˈstray

encourage somebody to behave in a silly or criminal way: Small children are easily led astray by older children.He’s a weak character, who’s easily led astray.
See also: astray, lead, somebody
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She felt people might be leading him astray and was naturally worried about that because of the way it was affecting their relationship
Medical student Simon Sparrow is taken under the wing of a trio of colleagues, who waste no time in leading him astray.
According to legend, the saint, formerly a blacksmith was working at his forge when the devil paid him a visit, disguised as a beautiful woman, with a view to leading him astray.
Sources close to Leo say she's just a good friend, albeit one who perhaps enjoys leading him astray.
Yesterday, a prosecutor demanded a four-year jail term for Troth after he confessed to his crimes, blaming the pressure of divorce for leading him astray.
When he faced the Press this week, Gazza refused to blame Jimmy or his other drinking mates, radio stars Chris Evans and Danny Baker, for leading him astray
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