lead down to (something or some place)

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lead down to (something or some place)

1. Of a path or route, to continue down to or end up at some lower point or level. This trail leads down to the lake, while the other one leads up to the peak. That's the highway leading down to Florida—we want the one going to Atlanta.
2. To guide or direct someone or an animal down to some lower point or level. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lead" and "down." I've got to lead the herd down to new feeding grounds tomorrow. Firefighters entered the burning building and began leading people down to a safe place outside.
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lead someone down to something

to guide someone downward to something. She led us down to a little room in the cellar, where the old trunk had been kept for all these years. Would you please lead me down to the wine cellar?
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lead down to something

[for a pathway or other trail] to run downward to something. The trail led down to a spring at the bottom of the hill. These stairs lead down to the furnace room.
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At one side of the bedroom was a dainty dressing-room with closets containing a large assortment of fresh clothing; and beyond this was the bath--a large room having a marble pool big enough to swim in, with white marble steps leading down to the water.
The next turn of the canyon brought me to its mouth, and before me I saw a narrow plain leading down to an ocean.
He strolled slowly along until he came to the thoroughfare to the left, leading down to the Admiralty.
She ran vaguely on in the direction of the reservoir, with her father's injunction still in her mind, until a terrible idea displaced it, and she turned at right angles suddenly, and ran towards the slope leading down to the submerged flat.
The room is divided by a great curtain; you draw this curtain aside, and find a large white marble bathtub, with its rim sunk to the level of the floor, and with three white marble steps leading down to it.
The patio area to the immediate rear leads to two out houses providing useful store and the other acting as a utility area, within this there is a lawn area with a walkway leading down to the bottom of the garden.
A sinkhole opened up on the footpath leading down to the beach at Rhossili in the wake of last Sunday's downpour.
Full of character, the home is reached by way of a farm gateway leading to a large gravelled bay with a gate leading down to a burn.
The storms of autumn 2014 damaged the path leading down to Towyn beach, Tudweiliog, Gwynedd.
It's the one leading down to Norton Cricket Club, with a level crossing and Daisy Chain at the bottom of it.
The lakefront 45,738-square-foot lot includes the home, a pool area, and a lawn leading down to the dock.
An ambulance was called out but could not gain access to the beach as gates leading down to the strand were locked.
The street, leading down to Warwick Castle's grounds, is crammed with impressive half-timbered, mostly medieval houses which, having luckily escaped the town's 1694 Great Fire, enjoy views of Old England that tourists from all over the world flock to see.
Behind the altar is a void with stairs leading down to the basement and the lower level of the double-height lecture theatre.
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