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lead (someone or something) away

To guide someone or something in a direction away (from someone or something else). After the judge issued the sentence, the bailiff led the defendant away. I dug a path that would lead the rain water away from the construction site.
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lead with

1. To begin (something) with someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "lead" and "with." Let's lead with the comedian to lighten up the crowd before we bring on the rest of the acts. You should have led with how much money you expect your project to make—the investors would have been much more receptive from the get-go. They led the news with a story about the president's visit to India.
2. To choose a particular athlete or group of athletes with whom to begin a competition or sporting event. The team is leading with their star batter. In a surprise move, the coach is leading with the youngest members of the team for kickoff.
3. In boxing, to use a particular hand or type of punch when beginning an attack. Your next opponent tends to lead with his left, so you'll want to adapt your stance to be better able to dodge it. He led with a quick jab before connecting a devastating uppercut.
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lead someone or something (away) (from someone or something)

to direct or guide someone or something away from someone or something. The officer led the victim's wife away from the accident. The trainer led away the dog from the other animals. We led them away.
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/take down the garden path
To mislead or deceive (another).
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Bedroom three also has fitted wardrobes and wooden-framed leaded light windows to the front overlooking the allotments.
There's a study on the ground floor too which boasts more leaded light windows and then it is on to the kitchen/family room.
That original petition requested that the EPA issue a finding that emissions from aircraft using leaded avgas endanger public health.
Tons of lead dust were released between 1950 and 1985 in urban areas by vehicles using leaded gasoline, and improper handling of lead-based paint also has contributed to contamination.
The principal drawing room, with its circular bay window to the front, boasts an impressive, wide inglenook fireplace with partial wood panelling and two oval leaded glass windows to the side.
It also boasts three well proportioned bedrooms and a first floor bathroom which has low level wc, pedestal wash hand basin, panel bath with ceramic splashback tiling, hot water radiator and double glazed window with leaded lights.
Punch Taverns, owners of the Corporation Arms in Castle Street, Ruthin, replaced the leaded windows with plain glass in the listed building.
A large breakfast kitchen is fitted with solid oak fronted units and an oak-framed leaded glass bay window with a matching oak sill overlooks the garden and Fosse Way beyond it.
Indonesia recently joined the majority of countries worldwide by banning the use of leaded gasoline because of the damaging effect it has on public health and the environment.
Leaded design for manufacturing (DfM) involves proven, well-established practices in PCB design layout, fabrication, assembly and component management.
Along with the wide range of products with varying values, electronics are composed of a combination of highly valuable materials (metals); less valuable, yet still marketable materials (plastics); and more challenging materials (leaded glass).
Thanks for the article on the status of leaded avgas and the accompanying editorial.
The MG Series of high-voltage metal-glaze axial leaded resistors features a combination of small size and high voltage/high ohmic value capability to allow designers to use a single component where requirements previously dictated multiple parts or other more expensive solutions.
A group called the Clear Air Trust is urging NASCAR officials to ban leaded fuels.