lead (one) to believe

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lead (one) to believe

To cause one to believe something, especially if it is untrue. The sales agent led me to believe I would continue paying the lower price if I signed up for the TV service, but when I got my first bill I learned that wasn't the case. He led us to believe he had a graduate degree in economics. Turns out he didn't even graduate from high school.
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lead someone to believe something

Fig. to imply something to someone; to cause someone to believe something untrue. But you led me to believe that this watch was guaranteed! Did you lead her to believe that she was hired as a clerk?
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lead somebody to beˈlieve (that...)

make somebody think something is true, usually wrongly: I was led to believe that I didn’t need a visa to enter the country, and now it appears that I do.She led me to believe that she was a student, but she wasn’t. OPPOSITE: put/set somebody straight (about/on something)
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References in classic literature ?
We know to-day that he was not so colossal, and that he loomed among the events of his times less largely than the Manuscript would lead us to believe.
Geology would lead us to believe that almost every continent has been broken up into islands even during the later tertiary periods; and in such islands distinct species might have been separately formed without the possibility of intermediate varieties existing in the intermediate zones.
Let the climate and vegetation change, let other competing rodents or new beasts of prey immigrate, or old ones become modified, and all analogy would lead us to believe that some at least of the squirrels would decrease in numbers or become exterminated, unless they also became modified and improved in structure in a corresponding manner.
If we followed it out, it would lead us to believe that Lady Arabella is a snake."
The scene at which we had once been present did not lead us to believe that she was; yet there was something in her bearing that was not suggestive of despair.
"The discrete challenges we've encountered this quarter now lead us to believe we will fall short of our previously stated guidance," said Noel White, Tyson Foods' president and CEO, "but our outlook for FY20 remains positive as we believe some of the challenges we're experiencing are not expected to repeat, and we're expecting more favorable market conditions as well...
A force spokesman said detectives were still awaiting DNA results but "the general circumstances lead us to believe" that the remains are likely to be those of Brenda Venables.
"Evidence at the flat and a possible disturbance at the flat lead us to believe there are suspicious circumstances."
But Det Supt Jim Dickie said that at the time: "We had no evidence or intelligence to lead us to believe Cannan may have secreted Suzy's body there."
'We have not ascertained what led to the murder, but our preliminary investigations lead us to believe that it's a case of revenge,' he said.
Community policing Inspector Tracy Harkins said: "The circumstances surrounding this incident lead us to believe that the items of property may have been stolen from either a housebreaking or theft from a motor vehicle.
He said: "Our enquiries lead us to believe a number of people may have filmed part or all of the attack.
"The road to complete recovery is longer than we now think, and recent relative successes, such as the tapping of international debt markets, should not lead us to believe that we are back to normal," Ioannis Tirkides, senior officer at the bank's economic research, said in an emailed interview.
"Our inquiries so far lead us to believe the man could be from the Birmingham area and that he may have harassed this woman during April and May, pressuring her into giving him cash.