lead into (something)

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lead into (something)

1. To guide or direct someone or something into something or some place. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is usually used between "lead" and "into." I dug a path that would lead excess rain water into the drainage ditch by the side of our house. The officer led us into the courtroom to await our sentence.
2. To transition or segue into something else. The extended monologue leads into a beautiful description of the Appalachian mountains. Her guitar solo leads into an orchestral arrangement of the band's most popular single.
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lead someone into something

 and lead someone in
to guide someone into something or some place. The usher led us into the darkened theater and showed us our seats. She led in the children. We led them in.
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lead into

1. To guide someone into something or some place: The guide led the tourists into the cave.
2. To make a transition into something; segue into something: The ballad leads into a dance number.
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References in classic literature ?
'Yes, yes,' he exclaimed; 'the streams all run in the same direction, and must necessarily flow into the valley before they reach the sea; all we have to do is just to follow this stream, and sooner or later it will lead us into the vale.'
Now that we were ready to set out again we decided to follow a different route on the chance that it might lead us into more familiar territory.
"Ah, savants!" cried Michel; "and what are either the one or the other to us from the moment we know that they equally lead us into infinite space?"
'For God to tempt in the sense of enticing to sin (is) inconsistent with his nature, and altogether contrary to his known character; but for God to lead us into those conflicts with evil which we call temptations, is not only possible but usual.'
Summary: Isolating ourselves will not lead us into a good future, she tells Davos
"We think that shutting ourselves off, isolating ourselves, will not lead us into a good future.
He added: "Can Gordon lead us into the next election and win?
"The best thing the Labour Party can do is to remind itself that this is the guy who was elected last summer to lead us and this is the guy who is going to lead us into the next election," she said.
There is plenty of evidence of duplicity in Bush's aggressive actions to destroy our Constitution and lead us into world government, each step of which unfolds under false premises.
In his diabolical correspondence Screwtape seeks to instruct the doltish Worm wood in the craft of temptation, allowing Lewis to take a scathing poke at the petty appetites that lead us into sin and to offer a darkly comic vision of the real face of evil--a face marred by cruelty, stupidity, and blind self-absorption.
Taking only segments of Dante's use of this image (for a full treatment of Dante's use of light alone "could lead us into complexities as rich as life itself"), Tate works out various reflective images--Beatrice's eyes, her mouth, candles in a mirror--as they take Dante up to the three circles that lead to the Beatific Vision.
I beg of you, Mr Blair, do not lead us into another one.
Lead Us Into Temptation: The Triumph of American Materialism By James B.
Parade organiser Mark Cowles from the Stone Cross St George's Association, said: "We would really appreciate if veterans would do us the honour and lead us into the park."
But these are meager goals, not enough to lead us into peace.