lead back

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lead back

1. Of a path or route, to continue to one's point of origin. I think this trail will lead back to our campsite. There are a few roads leading back to New Jersey, but this one is definitely the fastest.
2. To guide or direct someone or something to some point of origin. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lead" and "back." We've set up markers along these rocks to help lead hikers back to the proper trail. The dense network of nerves lead the signal back to the brain at incredible speeds.
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lead someone or something back (to someone or something)

to guide someone or something back to someone or something. Someone will have to lead me back to camp. I just know I'll get lost if I go by myself. The park ranger led back the hikers to their tent. I will lead them back.
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lead back (to some place)

[for a pathway] to return to a place. This path leads back to the camp. I hope it leads back. It seems to be going the wrong way.
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"But Jim has done a great job for us and it would be great if he could lead us back into League 1."
"A short fix will lead us back to negotiating these issues in a short period of time," said Myron Brilliant, executive vice president and head of international affairs at the US Chamber of Commerce.
This incident of Jesus purposely staying (not lost!) in the Temple is for Saint Luke a way of instilling in us the essential movement of the mystery of Christmas: coming from the eternal communion of love that is the Trinity, Jesus is born among us to lead us back to that communion with God.
'Political arrogance, left unchecked, will lead us back to our corrupt ways.
It is the paradox of the Cross and Resurrection that led us and will always lead us back to the central mystery and reality of our faith and life.
We know Bosnia and Herzegovina well enough to know that this will give comfort and support to those who would break up the country, who are already calling for a return to the status quo ante in Dayton, unraveling all we and our Bosnian partners have worked for over more than two decades; We know the EU and Europe well enough to know that our principles and our bloody history teach us that sustainable peace can only come when we learn to live in multi-ethnic communities, rather than redrawing borders to create mono-ethnic ones; We can in short, think of no policy more likely to lead us back to division and conflict in the Balkans than the one which some are apparently now supporting.
Troy Campbell, an assistant professor at UO's Lundquist College of Business and a design psychologist, will explore how - and why - people avoid information that contradicts their beliefs, and how to design communications that lead us back to facts.
But even if the country is in flux then at least we've got the self-proclaimed "one true king of beers" to lead us back in time to a better future.
Mr Smith accused the leader of "undermining colleagues", telling him: "You cannot lead us back to power." But Mr Corbyn urged MPs to unite behind him "once this election is over".
Freed from these shackles, our natural entrepreneurial spirit will lead us back to a new golden age of prosperity for all.
A valuable theme in the book is how relationships can lead us back from broken.
The maxim, no life apart from antecedent life, still holds true, and it will lead us back to the true source of life, the Creator.