lead (someone or something) away

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lead (someone or something) away

To guide someone or something in a direction away (from someone or something else). After the judge issued the sentence, the bailiff led the defendant away. I dug a path that would lead the rain water away from the construction site.
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lead someone or something (away) (from someone or something)

to direct or guide someone or something away from someone or something. The officer led the victim's wife away from the accident. The trainer led away the dog from the other animals. We led them away.
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/take down the garden path
To mislead or deceive (another).
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References in classic literature ?
'If he had,' said Kags, 'the dog 'ud want to lead us away to where he did it.
As he was half amused and half curious and all in doubt how to get rid of the old lady without offence, she continued to lead us away, and he and Ada continued to follow, our strange conductress informing us all the time, with much smiling condescension, that she lived close by.
embark on a revolutionary change that will lead us away from oil dependency rather than drag our feet and suffer the costs of becoming growingly dependent on a diminishing resource.' Truer words were never written." Albert Marrin
Apart from the commercialization of Christmas that takes away our time and attention from its real meaning, we are also surrounded by events that lead us away from a life of humility.
We must never express the desire to return to the evil days that God has been kind enough to lead us away from.'
A responsible government would lead us away from the precipice, not towards it, regardless of what a referendum had said.
Such reforms will also lead us away from MPA-/MNA-led development models that contribute to patronage, bribery, and political point-scoring across the country.
"The fact that we are preparing for a no-deal scenario must not, under any circumstances, lead us away from making every effort to reach the best agreement possible, for all sides," Tusk writes.
This is not a story about Isaac, and focusing on him and his trauma will only lead us away from the question of the test God gave Abraham and what it tells us about the two of them.
The journeys can take us closer to God's call and living out his will, but they can also lead us away.
While these exhortations are extremely general and leave a great deal to be worked out, they do lead us away from a long set of discussions that have, as yet, borne little fruit and appear unlikely to do so in future.
"There will be no need for them to get aggressive, but we will stay until the bailiffs lead us away to make our point." Yellow Belly said there were still serious concerns about unconventional methods of underground gas extraction, including its effect on the environment and the pollution of water courses.
What we need is a modern-day Moses to lead us away from the bondage of this government.
It would lead us away from a unified economy offering employment and opportunity to everyone.
An EU-wide block on imported Iranian oil agreed on Monday was designed "to lead us away from any conflict by increasing the pressure for a peaceful settlement," he said.