lead back

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lead back

1. Of a path or route, to continue to one's point of origin. I think this trail will lead back to our campsite. There are a few roads leading back to New Jersey, but this one is definitely the fastest.
2. To guide or direct someone or something to some point of origin. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lead" and "back." We've set up markers along these rocks to help lead hikers back to the proper trail. The dense network of nerves lead the signal back to the brain at incredible speeds.
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lead someone or something back (to someone or something)

to guide someone or something back to someone or something. Someone will have to lead me back to camp. I just know I'll get lost if I go by myself. The park ranger led back the hikers to their tent. I will lead them back.
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lead back (to some place)

[for a pathway] to return to a place. This path leads back to the camp. I hope it leads back. It seems to be going the wrong way.
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References in classic literature ?
"If there's going to be any trouble I want to be there," was his vague reflection, as he threw to Jotham the unexpected order to unhitch the team and lead them back to the barn.
TERRY Butcher insists he will not walk away from relegated Hibernian and wants to lead them back to the Scottish Premiership - if he is allowed.
"Fortunately, one of our team leaders lives close to that area and was able to quickly locate the couple and lead them back to their vehicle at Betws-y-Coed."
The double- European champions are backing the former England man to lead them back to the Premier League after 13 years away.
Venables' name is top of the emergency list at the billionaire-backed London outfit and there could be a dramatic move for the one-time Hoops chief to return and lead them back to the big time.
Then when their pets have done what they have been taken into the park to do they lead them back home again.
Whether or not Democrats vote Crowley into leadership promises to show which route Democrats think can best lead them back to power: running through K Street, or against it.
A police spokesman said: "Staff from the cattle market managed to round up the cows and lead them back to safety in the market where they were secured in pens."
As Griffin and Shade search for the One Tree of Nocturna that will lead them back to the land of the living, the story becomes an allegory for the various human views of the afterlife.
LIVINGSTON are on the trail of a proven goalscorer chairman Pearse Flynn reckons could lead them back to the SPL.
But Tyneside officials see Gullit as the man who can lead them back to the big time and they are desperate to keep him.