lead (one) to believe

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lead (one) to believe

To cause one to believe something, especially if it is untrue. The sales agent led me to believe I would continue paying the lower price if I signed up for the TV service, but when I got my first bill I learned that wasn't the case. He led us to believe he had a graduate degree in economics. Turns out he didn't even graduate from high school.
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lead someone to believe something

Fig. to imply something to someone; to cause someone to believe something untrue. But you led me to believe that this watch was guaranteed! Did you lead her to believe that she was hired as a clerk?
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lead somebody to beˈlieve (that...)

make somebody think something is true, usually wrongly: I was led to believe that I didn’t need a visa to enter the country, and now it appears that I do.She led me to believe that she was a student, but she wasn’t. OPPOSITE: put/set somebody straight (about/on something)
See also: believe, lead, somebody
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The survey results lead him to believe "there is plenty of growth just in the Type 1 market ahead" for Dexcom (DXCM), to be followed by the G7 launch, which will "help unlock the Type 2 market." The survey also points to "an unprecedented level of market share taking" by Tandem (TNDM) in the first 6 months of the year and was positive for Insulet (PODD) as well, McKim tells investors.
But the high levels in the amber lead him to believe that microbe respiration converted oxygen to carbon dioxide.
Results and guidance lead him to believe the shift to containerized architecture and Kubernetes is more disruptive to Pivotal than he originally expected.
Wells Fargo analyst David Maris said that while management comments on the call lead him to believe that Teva's well below consensus guidance for 2019 may be a worst case scenario, it still indicates that 2019 will be more challenging than Wall Street had been expecting.
His most recent checks lead him to believe Wendy's has gained share at least over Sonic (SONC) and potentially other quick-service competitors, added the analyst, who has a $20 price target on Wendy's shares.