lead (someone or something) away

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lead (someone or something) away

To guide someone or something in a direction away (from someone or something else). After the judge issued the sentence, the bailiff led the defendant away. I dug a path that would lead the rain water away from the construction site.
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lead someone or something (away) (from someone or something)

to direct or guide someone or something away from someone or something. The officer led the victim's wife away from the accident. The trainer led away the dog from the other animals. We led them away.
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/take down the garden path
To mislead or deceive (another).
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References in classic literature ?
He took my horse to lead him away. My heart grew small within me.
It was only when the policeman who had him by the arm turned and started to lead him away that he realized that sentence had been passed.
So he let them lead him away. Far down the room he saw Elzbieta and Kotrina, risen from their seats, staring in fright; he made one effort to go to them, and then, brought back by another twist at his throat, he bowed his head and gave up the struggle.
COLLARED Police lead him away SLIPPERY Alan evades a steward SUITS YOU Crowd roar on Alan's stunt IN THE PINK Louth man Alan Sweeney, inset, walks past Sunderland boss Steve Bruce, right
RSPCA inspector Carla Hay said: "In an ideal world, we'd just go over to the pony and he'd let us lead him away, but obviously that doesn't always happen.
As officers tried to lead him away, a 68-year-old male relative tried to stop them and a fierce struggle began.