lead (one) astray

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lead (one) astray

1. To lead one in the wrong direction; to cause one to be lost or in the wrong place. I'm afraid the GPS led us astray. We should have turned right back there. It was only when we saw the waterfall again that we realized our guide had been leading us astray.
2. To misdirect one into error. A few false positives led me astray at first, but I think I have a good idea of the data trends now.
3. To negatively influence one; to influence one to make poor choices. I just hope this new group that my son is hanging out with doesn't lead him astray.
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lead someone astray

to direct or guide someone in the wrong direction. I am afraid that this young man has been leading you astray. I think you had better stop seeing him. No one can lead me astray. I know what I am doing.
See also: astray, lead

lead somebody aˈstray

encourage somebody to behave in a silly or criminal way: Small children are easily led astray by older children.He’s a weak character, who’s easily led astray.
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References in classic literature ?
Be off to your own, brother, for it is you, and no one else, that delude my master, and lead him astray, and take him tramping about the country.
The one finished by complete failure what he commenced in the grossest misconception; the other, by a path which could not possibly lead him astray, arrived at a triumph which is not the less glorious because hidden from the profane eyes of the multitude.
Inspired by the hit 2005 stage musical Jersey Boys, we meet 16-year-old Frankie Castelluccio (John Lloyd Young) and best friend Tommy DeVito (Vincent Piazza) who is likely to lead him astray.
ce G20 at was McCoist v hli t" wan WLe on Wednesday, Pe wa of so Gr co hi After playing the Barrowlands Pete Doherty was flown out the country Leigh Griffiths couldn't lead him astray.
The temptation of opening his own bar proves too much - especially when he also has old navy friend Ciaran McCarthy, played by Keith Duffy, to lead him astray.
A source close to the band said: "His management are taking no chances because they know there are people who are more than happy to lead him astray.
Many monsters seek to lead him astray or devour him along his quest--the wicked Judge Hate-good, the giants of Doubting Castle, the diguesed and deceptive Flatterer, and even the Athiest strives to convince him that the Celestial City does not exist.
team, forced Vendt to swim behind one or two teammates on certain freestyle sets at practice so his intensity couldn't lead him astray.
This confirmed to Geary that the CPA was wrong to have referred him to an adviser who would eventually lead him astray.
True, there are the odd swear word and some mildly anti-establishment values but nothing that would shock the average 13-year-old, much less lead him astray.
When asked about how he deals with the scores of women who still try and lead him astray into illicit affairs, the former 007 star said: "That whole area is an unchartered territory for me.
s Rachel Bilson), who seems determined to lead him astray.
Fortunately for his trainers and promoter Panos Eliades there are no fears that Eastman's passion will lead him astray.