lead (one) astray

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lead (one) astray

1. To lead one in the wrong direction; to cause one to be lost or in the wrong place. I'm afraid the GPS led us astray. We should have turned right back there. It was only when we saw the waterfall again that we realized our guide had been leading us astray.
2. To misdirect one into error. A few false positives led me astray at first, but I think I have a good idea of the data trends now.
3. To negatively influence one; to influence one to make poor choices. I just hope this new group that my son is hanging out with doesn't lead him astray.
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lead someone astray

to direct or guide someone in the wrong direction. I am afraid that this young man has been leading you astray. I think you had better stop seeing him. No one can lead me astray. I know what I am doing.
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lead somebody aˈstray

encourage somebody to behave in a silly or criminal way: Small children are easily led astray by older children.He’s a weak character, who’s easily led astray.
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They gradually lead her astray and she is torn between the hopes of her parents and her burgeoning desires.
They gradually lead her astray with visits to late-night supper clubs and a trip to the country.
And she has cancelled a summer holiday with Kate because she's worried that the 26-year-old Babyshambles frontman will lead her astray.
She learns there is still solace to be found in the loving relationships in her life, that there are lessons to be learned from those who have been in her shoes, and that her precious inner voice will never lead her astray. With these realizations, both Billie and the reader discover a new definition of family.
Maria feared Johnson wasn't good enough for her daughter and would lead her astray.
A pal said: "So much money could lead her astray. She has been to hell and back and this deal could drag her back to hell."
Beautiful, charming, seemingly the perfect lady, she has a passionate nature and weakness for drink and cheap men that lead her astray. When her husband dies, her chief protection against the world around her is taken away.
and to take along her own mum to make sure her friends didn't lead her astray.