lead down to

lead down to (something or some place)

1. Of a path or route, to continue down to or end up at some lower point or level. This trail leads down to the lake, while the other one leads up to the peak. That's the highway leading down to Florida—we want the one going to Atlanta.
2. To guide or direct someone or an animal down to some lower point or level. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lead" and "down." I've got to lead the herd down to new feeding grounds tomorrow. Firefighters entered the burning building and began leading people down to a safe place outside.
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lead someone down to something

to guide someone downward to something. She led us down to a little room in the cellar, where the old trunk had been kept for all these years. Would you please lead me down to the wine cellar?
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lead down to something

[for a pathway or other trail] to run downward to something. The trail led down to a spring at the bottom of the hill. These stairs lead down to the furnace room.
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Laurenz Victoria kept the Cardinals in it with his triple cutting the Altas' lead down to one, 79-78, with 8.2 seconds to go before Charcos split his charities.
Then the Zee-Bees chipped the lead down to 41-38 on Kayleb Naylor's rebound and putback.
With Boeung Ket's lead down to just one point on Naga and Visakha, this key clash could well be a defining moment for the debutants.
has only has only Stone steps lead down to a garden room with French windows to a seating terrace.
Extensive gardens lead down to the North Tyne River where there is fishing and wildlife.
Apparently, the slides could come into use at the side of the stairs which currently lead down to the car park and the Metro station.
Steps lead down to a modern kitchen/diner, a shower room and a bathroom with a four piece suite comprising a free standing bath.
Steps lead down to a utility room with storage space and access to the garage.
Steps from the reception hall lead down to a cellar and a rear lobby leads to a utility room and cloakroom.
The first games were shared but Ormesby managed to cut the lead down to 80 points as Dominic Mulhall beat Phil Brookbanks 210-75 with breaks of 77, 37 and 33.
Moss had produced a series of brilliant saves to keep Hull's lead down to a single goal, but his mistake led to the second penalty.
Schumacher saw Williams driver Montoyaslash his lead down to six points with four races to go when the Colombian powered to victory at Hockenheim.
Second placed Madrid pulled off an excellent 3-2 success over the Mushrooms and cut their lead down to just two points while N&C, easy 9-2 winners over Bisc Reserves, lie only another point away in third spot having played 17 games, the same as the top duo.