lead down

lead someone down (something)

to help someone down something, such as stairs, a steep path, a ladder, etc. The usher led the couple down the aisle and seated them at the front. I am going to the cellar myself. Let me lead you down.
See also: down, lead
References in classic literature ?
You don't know what an existence they lead down there.
Meanwhile they galloped along without difficulty over the low levels and gentle declivities that lead down to the Senegal.
has only has only Stone steps lead down to a garden room with French windows to a seating terrace.
Extensive gardens lead down to the North Tyne River where there is fishing and wildlife.
Apparently, the slides could come into use at the side of the stairs which currently lead down to the car park and the Metro station.
Steps lead down to a utility room with storage space and access to the garage.
Steps from the reception hall lead down to a cellar and a rear lobby leads to a utility room and cloakroom.
He said: "Clearly when a dog of his class turns at the head of affairs and opens up a twolength lead down the backstraight there are going to be plenty that want to get involved.
Today detectives unveiled a shocking cache of guns seized in just four months and warned: "There's only one road guns lead down - to a meeting with us, jail .
Thomas and Cook made layups, Hector Harold hit a baseline jumper and added a free throw to cut the lead down to three points with 2:43 left.
The first games were shared but Ormesby managed to cut the lead down to 80 points as Dominic Mulhall beat Phil Brookbanks 210-75 with breaks of 77, 37 and 33.
The competing voices in the community offer paths that lead down the wrong road.
Steps lead down into the tea house pit and the entrances to the concrete huts are simple orthogonal apertures.
Upon entering the foyer, though, patrons will see that the floor drops away, and that the chandelier is actually hanging over the escalator and staircase that lead down to the theaters.
Moss had produced a series of brilliant saves to keep Hull's lead down to a single goal, but his mistake led to the second penalty.