lead by

lead someone by something

to guide someone by grasping a part and moving. Do you expect me to lead you around by the hand, showing you everything to do in your job? The cop grabbed Max and led him around by the collar.
See also: by, lead
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Intensive and very expensive attempts to prevent death of condors from lead by other methods have not been successful.
Such heavy reliance on lead by the Romans has prompted some to speculate that lead poisoning contributed to the empire's fall.
Cold water is preferred because warm water enhances the absorption of lead by opening the pores of the skin.
Children become exposed to lead by chewing on windowsills, lead paint chips or inhaling lead dust generated when opening and closing painted windows.
Nation and colleagues administered 8- and 16-milligram (mg) doses of lead by gavage to adult female rats starting 30 days before breeding them.
Before 1950, house paint contained up to 50% lead by weight, and currently children in 26 million households live in housing built before 1950 (3).
Lead paint typically contains around 50% lead by weight.
The recommendation was to follow lead-safe practices in the ongoing remodeling work to prevent intake of household lead by the child.
2] allele increases red blood cell binding of lead, and so probably decreases the relative deposition of lead in critical target organs, possibly protecting against the toxicity of lead by increasing the amount of legal excreted in urine.