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lead (someone or something) away

To guide someone or something in a direction away (from someone or something else). After the judge issued the sentence, the bailiff led the defendant away. I dug a path that would lead the rain water away from the construction site.
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lead with

1. To begin (something) with someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "lead" and "with." Let's lead with the comedian to lighten up the crowd before we bring on the rest of the acts. You should have led with how much money you expect your project to make—the investors would have been much more receptive from the get-go. They led the news with a story about the president's visit to India.
2. To choose a particular athlete or group of athletes with whom to begin a competition or sporting event. The team is leading with their star batter. In a surprise move, the coach is leading with the youngest members of the team for kickoff.
3. In boxing, to use a particular hand or type of punch when beginning an attack. Your next opponent tends to lead with his left, so you'll want to adapt your stance to be better able to dodge it. He led with a quick jab before connecting a devastating uppercut.
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lead someone or something (away) (from someone or something)

to direct or guide someone or something away from someone or something. The officer led the victim's wife away from the accident. The trainer led away the dog from the other animals. We led them away.
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/take down the garden path
To mislead or deceive (another).
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Due to consistent requests from call center managers, Web Leads has added call center leads to their buying package line-up.
Food is the major source of lead intake in adults who are not occupationally exposed or have high concentration of lead in drinking water.
1) Kits may be designed to detect lead levels for paint that is used on homes and buildings (per the Department of Housing and Urban Development lead paint standard), not on consumer products.
Children living in homes built before 1965 experienced a greater increase in blood lead than children living in newer housing did, Miranda's team reports in an upcoming issue of Environmental Health Perspectives.
Producers can then bring the additional knowledge they have of the industry, and also generate leads from sources that know each other or have similar needs.
In Table 4, however, the distinction between the two types of shell was unspecified and they are listed as "Shell 1" and "Shell 2." Thereafter, both shells are treated as the same entity, with high lead contents inferred to result from atmospheric contamination.
The flight lead was several degrees into his initial turn in holding when the wingman transmitted, "Not to get in your cockpit, but I think we're supposed to hold using right turns." The lead rogered the call and reversed his turn back to the right.
* Keeping records of all notices, inspections, and repair of lead paint hazards, and other matters related to the law.
Children are more sensitive than adults to the effects of lead. Young children under the age of five are particularly vulnerable for a variety of reasons, including the fact that their body and brain are still developing.
It's far more revealing to look at the amount of lead in your bones.
* The word "plumbing" comes from the Latin word for lead, or plumbum, which also gave lead its atomic symbol, Pb.
Under these circumstances, Toshiba will define Lead(Pb)-Free in accordance with the industry standard as containing less than 0.1 percent lead by weight.
Recent headlines have pointed to lead as a problem in some imported toys and furniture, but the real problem remains lead in paint.
It is run just outside the last blocker on the corner (either a tight end or wingback) with a lead kick-out block.
patent #3,650,652, filed in 1970, increases the melting area with a longer lead at the end of the feed section.