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lead (someone or something) away

To guide someone or something in a direction away (from someone or something else). After the judge issued the sentence, the bailiff led the defendant away. I dug a path that would lead the rain water away from the construction site.
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lead with

1. To begin (something) with someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "lead" and "with." Let's lead with the comedian to lighten up the crowd before we bring on the rest of the acts. You should have led with how much money you expect your project to make—the investors would have been much more receptive from the get-go. They led the news with a story about the president's visit to India.
2. To choose a particular athlete or group of athletes with whom to begin a competition or sporting event. The team is leading with their star batter. In a surprise move, the coach is leading with the youngest members of the team for kickoff.
3. In boxing, to use a particular hand or type of punch when beginning an attack. Your next opponent tends to lead with his left, so you'll want to adapt your stance to be better able to dodge it. He led with a quick jab before connecting a devastating uppercut.
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lead someone or something (away) (from someone or something)

to direct or guide someone or something away from someone or something. The officer led the victim's wife away from the accident. The trainer led away the dog from the other animals. We led them away.


/take down the garden path
To mislead or deceive (another).
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Producers can then bring the additional knowledge they have of the industry, and also generate leads from sources that know each other or have similar needs.
Lead contamination in cocoa and cocoa products: isotopic evidence of global contamination.
In other words, older residents of Baltimore--from all socioeconomic and racial groups--who were merely exposed to lead from paint, gasoline, and plumbing have at least as much lead in their bones as people in their 50s who once worked with the metal.
Alchemists found a successful formula to turn lead into gold.
For some time, tin-lead solder--which combines tin and lead has--been widely used for electrical connections because of its electrical and mechanical characteristics.
When it comes to cleaning up, Chicago, which has 70 percent of the state's children who tested positive for higher lead levels, doesn't get its share.
If so, an annual inspection had to be made to correct any lead paint hazards.
The metallurgists contacted two lead smelters that supply ammunition manufacturers in the United States and pored over the smelters' production data.
In the last and longest section, Warren discusses pediatric and environmental lead poisoning.
The good news is that blood lead levels continue to decline in children," says Dr.
the effect lead's presence in the charge has on lead recovery;
Approximately 6 percent of all lead ingested or inhaled is deposited in the blood or soft body tissues, such as the kidneys, brain, or other vital organs.
Even suppliers of lead stabilizers see the handwriting on the wall and are developing their own non-lead substitutes.