leach out of

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leach out of (something)

1. To become dissolved, eroded, or carried out of some substance, by or as if by some percolating liquid. Nutrients have continued leaching out of the soil as the groundwater become more acidic. Calcium leached out of the sandstone over time as water levels continued to rise.
2. To dissolve, erode, or carry something out of due to percolation. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "leach" and "out of." Increasingly acidic water has been leaching important minerals out of the land. Over time, the saltwater leached the limestone out of the cliffs along the coastline.
See also: leach, of, out

leach out of something

[for a substance] to seep or drain out of something. All the nutrients leached out of the soil and nothing would grow. The phosphorus leached out of the soil after a few years.
See also: leach, of, out