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leach away

[for something] to erode or wash away gradually by leaching. The soft sandstone leached away under the constant rains. The flowerpots sat out in the rain, where all the nutrients in the soil leached away.
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leach in (to something)

[for a substance] to seep or penetrate into something. The salt leached into the soil and ruined it. A tremendous amount of salt leached in.
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leach out of something

[for a substance] to seep or drain out of something. All the nutrients leached out of the soil and nothing would grow. The phosphorus leached out of the soil after a few years.
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leach something away (from something)

 and leach something out (of something); leach something out; leach something away
to remove something from something by leaching. The heavy rains leached nutrients away from the soil. The rains leached away the nutrients.
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Eight blocks were treated with each solution to provide three blocks for leaching in water or citrate buffer, with two blocks being retained for reference.
Though the sealant limited leaching, UV exposure quintupled the arsenic that rain removed from sealant-treated wood.
Alfantazi, a Laurentian alumnus who spent four years at Falconbridge as a research specialist working with high acid pressure leaching technologies, says insight gained from within the industry, "allows you to clearly identify important and priority technical issues, and it really focuses and orients your research directions.
The end-grain faces of each sample were sealed with silicon caulking prior to CCA treatment and the application was repeated after fixation to minimize end-grain penetration and leaching.
We don't see evidence from what's been studied so far," he says, "that the arsenic is leaching out of landfills and getting into water tables or anything like that.
The EP-Toxicity and TCLP leaching results for lead and cadmium are significantly below the hazardous waste and BDAT limits.
Ham and Boyle found that "foundry processes produced wastes with widely different leaching characteristics.
The Company is currently evaluating the merits of developing a 150,000 tonne per year cathode copper mining and leaching operation, and strategic options available for development, including the potential sale of the project and/or company.
Olea says that even if he and Nathanson found different chemicals leaching from dental sealants--pediaps because of manufacturing or formulation differences between U.
The enactment of land disposal restrictions for the "third-third" scheduled wastes last May and the recent promulgation of Toxicity Characterization Leaching Procedure (TCLP), make it essential for foundries to have their wastes characterized.
Offsetting these factors is the cost saving derived by leaching un-crushed ore and generating gold production up to six months in advance of completing the construction of the mine.
Because studies by others had shown that such curing fails to harden all of the bisphenol A, the Granada group looked for leaching of this chemical or of small, partial chains known as bisphenol A dimethacrylate.
The Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) was also discussed, though no promulgation date was set, but it was stated that the organic portion of the rule would be addressed as a separate issue.
The historical data suggests that there is a significantly large volume of mineralization available for in situ leaching if hydrology and permeability permit.