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leach away

[for something] to erode or wash away gradually by leaching. The soft sandstone leached away under the constant rains. The flowerpots sat out in the rain, where all the nutrients in the soil leached away.
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leach in (to something)

[for a substance] to seep or penetrate into something. The salt leached into the soil and ruined it. A tremendous amount of salt leached in.
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leach out of something

[for a substance] to seep or drain out of something. All the nutrients leached out of the soil and nothing would grow. The phosphorus leached out of the soil after a few years.
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leach something away (from something)

 and leach something out (of something); leach something out; leach something away
to remove something from something by leaching. The heavy rains leached nutrients away from the soil. The rains leached away the nutrients.
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Teacher nationality (Scottish and American) and leacher type (pre-service and in-service) were compared on the variable of teacher efficacy.
A pack of idle, pimping, spunging Slaves, A Miscellany of Rogues, Fools and Knaves; A Nest of Leachers, worse than Sodom bore, And justly merit to be punish't more.
In these pages, Egerton offers fair-minded but unvarnished analyses of the South's political leaders, particularly its Congressional delegations; of such "fire-breathing racist demagogues" as South Carolina's Cotton Ed Smith, Georgia's Herman Talmadge, and that odious Mississippi triumvirate of Bilbo, Eastland, and Rankin; of such "tight-button reactionaries" as Virginia's Carter Class; of such "clownish Texans" as "Pappy" O'Daniel; of assorted "statesmen and court jesters, prudes and leachers, teetotalers and sots.
National Council of leachers of Mathematics, and New York: Macmillan Publishing Co.
Teacher directed action research is designed to be empowering and most leachers responded positively.
Another area of concern related to implementation involved leachers who prefer to use textbooks and traditional leaching methods.
Rollins states, "Acknowledging the clear need for a financially literate populace, business Leachers must find creative ways to teach fundamental financial concepts.