leach in

leach in (to something)

[for a substance] to seep or penetrate into something. The salt leached into the soil and ruined it. A tremendous amount of salt leached in.
See also: leach
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Another somewhat damaged tile is on the newer [1922] home of Edgar Skinner, the Leach Pottery accountant, the house it seems, where Japanese potter Shoji Hamada--who set up the Leach Pottery with Leach in 1920--would bathe.
LED AWAY: Leach CORNERED: Leach with Cambodian cop NOWHERE TO HIDE Michael Leach in handcuffs on the end of the double bed
4 percent of the initial preservative oxides content, respectively, but leach in greater quantities.
Software is excited to support companies like Leach in their pursuit of driving down the time and costs associated with product design and testing and look forward to continuing success with other small and medium-sized companies.