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In the shoot the 23-year-old is pictured lazing around with numerous nude models, reports Radar Online.
GET into the swing of lazing away summer days with the best hammocks and rockers.
Like his better-known pal, he sings summery Californian pop that's so laidback, it's almost lazing on the beach.
The winter wonderland theme starts with an Arctic landscape, where skaters are on a frozen lake, polar bears are lazing in the snow and penguins are climbing an ice cap.
I would imagine they are going to come out all guns lazing - but so are we because we lost as well.
The stomach feels better, and I'm hearty enough to return to the upper deck to greet the sea lions who are lazing on a ``shallow water'' buoy.
Activities - Walking, lazing on beaches, cycling, horse-riding, excellent surfing and kite-surfing.
I was in the arcaded University Square, busy with students strolling about, chattering or lazing in the sunshine.
However, it's not all lazing around in deckchairs, soaking up the sun.
PARENTS who give their teenagers a hard time for lazing in bed should heed new research which suggests the teens only do it because they aren't getting enough sleep.
Cardiff students Johnathan Lavers and Dominic Carroll are on the holiday isle of Rhodes, but they won't be spending their time lazing on the beach and sampling the local wines and beers.
You might face the joys of holidaying with a pal, only to discover that, while your idea of heaven is ogling Miguel the waiter and lazing by the pool, she wants to get up at 7am to go and check out some crusty old ruin.
Cosy story-telling sessions and sculpture activities are some of the games visitors can enjoy while lazing in pyjamas.
And Peter Lovenkrands fancies himself lazing about in a hammock on a desert island surrounded by sharks.
Not a mess, not a bad word and no lazing about from these three, they were brilliant.