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laze about

To relax or spend time idly; to do nothing or very little. It's a gorgeous day outside, so you kids get off your butts and quit lazing about! I can't wait to go on my vacation and laze about the beach for two weeks!
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laze around

To relax or spend time idly; to do nothing or very little. It's a gorgeous day outside, so you kids get off your butts and quit lazing around! I can't wait to go on my vacation and laze around the beach for two weeks!
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laze away

1. To be idle or slothful; to be totally inactive. ("Laze" is an informal verbalization of "lazy.") I don't want you lazing away on this sofa for the whole weekend, young man! After a long week of work, there's nothing I like better than to laze away for a while with video games or movies.
2. To pass a certain amount or period of time by being very lazy or idle. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "laze" and "away." Too many kids just laze the summer away in front of their computers or televisions. In my 20s, I would spend every Friday and Saturday night at the bar with my friends, but now that I have kids, I just want to laze away the evenings at home.
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laze something away

to spend a period of time being lazy. I just love to sit here and laze the day away. I will laze away the entire day.
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LAZING on a lounger soaking up the rays could be good for you after all - because sunshine can stop you piling on the pounds.
We love the long summer days lazing around with friends and family but it's always good to be prepared for whatever the weather throws at us, which is why you need our fabulous indoor-outdoor guide.
From bandeau bikini tops to halter necks, easy to wear shorts and flirty and funky skirts the current collection is perfect for lazing about on the beach or in the garden.
The new service, called Clipper, can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing users to listen to their favourite audio books while lazing in the garden or on the beach.
In the shoot the 23-year-old is pictured lazing around with numerous nude models, reports Radar Online.
A PDSA spokeswoman said: "Summer can be wonderful for the nation's pets to enjoy long walks, playtime in the park and lazing in the garden but many owners are not aware of the hazards to animals, particularly in very hot weather.
GET into the swing of lazing away summer days with the best hammocks and rockers...
Like his better-known pal, he sings summery Californian pop that's so laidback, it's almost lazing on the beach.
"You might face the joys of holidaying with a pal, only to discover that, while your idea of heaven is ogling Miguel the waiter and lazing by the pool, she wants to get up at 7am to go and check out some crusty old ruin." Make sure you don't lose your friends with some helpful hints from Emily's book, published by Fusion Press, priced pounds 10.99
Because he likes lazing around in the warmth I reckon he's a bit like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach.
I was in the arcaded University Square, busy with students strolling about, chattering or lazing in the sunshine.
Sunning ourselves by the pool, living it up in a chauffer-driven Rolls parked outside The Ritz Carlton and lazing about in designer goodies, we couldn't think of anything more blissful.
Well, fortunately there is no dress code (or stubble-free zone) at Kelling Heath and we quickly settled into a three-day break of lazing around the pools (indoor and outdoor), lazing around the restaurant area (live music most evenings), and lazing around the kids' area, where Eve enjoyed the low-key entertainment (magic shows and Punch and Judy twice a week).
However, it's not all lazing around in deckchairs, soaking up the sun.