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A particularly lazy or indolent person. Come on, lazy-bones, you've spent half the day in bed. Time to get up and be productive!

lazy man's load

A large amount that should be carried over multiple trips, but which a person tries to carry all at once in order to avoid making a second trip. Stop trying to take a lazy man's load—take two trips to bring the groceries in or you'll end up breaking something.
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LazyTown may have the laziest name but it's jampacked with action and energy.
I worked for a contractor who said he liked to give the hardest job to his laziest worker because the worker would figure out the easiest way to get It done.
While the Xbox 360 has the potential to turn the laziest of gamers into a state of vegetation the Wii was designed to combat that and thankfully this excellent little gizmo reinforces that once again.
CULT Icelandic kids favourite Lazy Town - featuring the world's laziest super-villain, Robbie Rotten - is the latest TV show to develop its own stage offshoot.
Larry Audas, general manager at KTHV-TV, Channel 11, does not approve of decreased productivity in the workplace, but the CBS affiliate is doing what it can to contribute to the nation's laziest time of year--March Madness.
As a region, he said, the North-East had ranked sixth out of nine ( a big improvement from nine years ago when a major survey planted it firmly as the country's laziest in terms of personal fitness.
People in the West Midlands are among the laziest in the country, with more than half all adults failing to take part in sports or physical activity according to a new study.
Instead, he's been the laziest lieutenant governor in memory.
Let your head be wherever your head and neck are laziest, which may mean keeping the head on the floor otherwise lift it the height of your arms.
Until recently, Philip III has been portrayed, at best, as a king dominated by his courtiers and favorites, and at worst, as "the laziest king in Spanish history"(4).
But the laziest Indian never paints a picture without putting himself in communion with the unseen powers, and so it is with Miro.
The mantra of "middle class dreams and middle class values" was chanted so often that not even the laziest news editor could miss the ready-made soundbite.
I truly believe he may well be the laziest cat in the world, which is no mean feat, as anyone who has had anything to do with the rest of his species will tell you.