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A particularly lazy or indolent person. Come on, lazy-bones, you've spent half the day in bed. Time to get up and be productive!

lazy man's load

A large amount that should be carried over multiple trips, but which a person tries to carry all at once in order to avoid making a second trip. Stop trying to take a lazy man's load—take two trips to bring the groceries in or you'll end up breaking something.
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lazy man's load

An extremely heavy burden undertaken so as to move it in one trip rather than making several trips. Always referring to moving something physically, this cliché dates from the turn of the twentieth century and may be dying out.
See also: lazy, load
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A la vez, la cercania de ambos libros es clara en tanto ambos tratan de pensadores contemporaneos que consideran "perturbadoras" las ensenanzas de la revelacion y se refieren a las herejias que se expandieron en la Alemania de la primera mitad del siglo XX, trayendo consigo que Dios fuera dejado de lado, "interrupted", en el lenguaje de Lazier. En definitiva, sus autores realzan y describen la relacion que existe entre religion y politica en la segunda mitad del siglo XX, especialmente desde el pensamiento aleman-judio.
Lazier draws the three thinkers together with a complex discussion about an issue that is important also for twenty-first-century academics who seek to integrate science and biblical theology, namely, why so many Europeans between the wars thought themselves to live in a world marked by the active interruption of God's call or command ...
All these possibilities of innovation sources possess singularities, however, and according to Collins and Lazier (1996), within the enterprises innovation needs some basic conditions (requirements) simple but indispensable for their existence and systematizing.
Prior to joining Houlihan Lawrence, Bonifati worked at Coldwell Banker and Currier & Lazier.
Also present were 100-year old Gwen Lazier, who had made the historic ride in 1924, and the family of the late Allan Dempsey.
In this third edition, Mann and Lazier (both of Bedford Institute of Oceanography) include information on possible linkages between climate change and changing ocean currents and the likely ramifications of these changes on fish stocks.
Making the day start later in the morning will only teach people to be even lazier."
One parent said: "Our children were becoming lazier and lazier.
He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Katharine Lazier (McFarland), two sons, John H.
However, as people age, the builders become lazier, she says.
Ngugi's long,time readers were largely disappointed with Matigari; having become a political figure, some have argued, Ngugi has become less effective, perhaps even lazier, as a creative artist.
Does it have to do with Americans being lazier than their international counterparts?
Of course, there's something lazier than tagging along on government investigations: our occasional failure to even go that far, as GAO and inspector general reports that might point reporters in the right direction pile up untouched in newsroom libraries.
Streep, who produces a generic Baltic accent during the lazier moments of the film, is also given liberal sentiments so that an audience recently raised in consciousness by "We Are the World" will not be overly offended.
In the lazier countries that you see below, there is a higher variance between the activity levels of males and females with step rates of females being lesser overall.