laze away

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laze something away

to spend a period of time being lazy. I just love to sit here and laze the day away. I will laze away the entire day.
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pounds 199 LAZE away a long weekend in Lille and get one night free.
Or sup a pint of the black stuff while you laze away the days on the Emerald Isle.
She is happy to laze away her day in the cat house but enjoys a little play now and again.
The three-star Magic Cristal Park Hotel is perfectly located at the heart of Benidorm''s old town, ideal for those holidaymakers keen to be near the nightlife, excellent shopping and the all-important sandy Levante beach only 500m from the hotel''s door, perfect to laze away the endless sunshine hours.
You can laze away the day under the sun with plenty of space.
It's the kind of place you could happily laze away an afternoon browsing the papers and people-watching with a glass of wine.
Bring along a Frisbee or a ball and laze away the afternoon in nature with your pops.
By the end of the year, I hope to retire to St Kitts, where I'll laze away the hours getting sluggishly sea sick on a silken hammock.
But it's also the perfect place to laze away the weekend with the girls or with your other half.
Stretching out from the historical centre is a network of beaches to laze away the day in the sun.
LAZE away the morning taking a ferry up the Bosphorus, which splits Istanbul in two with Asia on one side and Europe on the other, for the price of a pounds 3 return ticket.
All blue and white with a large mural dominating the interior and staffers skittering about while Zorba-type music chants in the background, Yulie's has a nifty boulevard patio out front providing a neat place to laze away an afternoon sipping Greek wine and nibbling traditional appetizers a la Greque.