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laze about

To relax or spend time idly; to do nothing or very little. It's a gorgeous day outside, so you kids get off your butts and quit lazing about! I can't wait to go on my vacation and laze about the beach for two weeks!
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laze around

To relax or spend time idly; to do nothing or very little. It's a gorgeous day outside, so you kids get off your butts and quit lazing around! I can't wait to go on my vacation and laze around the beach for two weeks!
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laze away

1. To be idle or slothful; to be totally inactive. ("Laze" is an informal verbalization of "lazy.") I don't want you lazing away on this sofa for the whole weekend, young man! After a long week of work, there's nothing I like better than to laze away for a while with video games or movies.
2. To pass a certain amount or period of time by being very lazy or idle. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "laze" and "away." Too many kids just laze the summer away in front of their computers or televisions. In my 20s, I would spend every Friday and Saturday night at the bar with my friends, but now that I have kids, I just want to laze away the evenings at home.
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laze something away

to spend a period of time being lazy. I just love to sit here and laze the day away. I will laze away the entire day.
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I've always been a supporter of the right to carry," Laze explained.
Then laze back on flowers and leaves-inspired bedding, like Marks & Spencer's Organic Floral collection, pounds 45 for a single duvet cover and pounds 12 per pillowcase.
He loves the heat and likes to laze around in the warmth.
Visitors to Hyde Park basked in glorious sunshine and families brought deckchairs and cool boxes to laze about and listen to the music.
If you work and do your best You'll get the sack like all the rest But if you laze and bugger about You'll live to see the job right out The work is hard the pay is small So take your time and sod them all Cos when you're dead you'll be forgot So don't try to do the bloody lot Or on your tombstone neatly lacquered These three words 'Just bleedin knackered.
You either sit on your backside, laze about and claim benefits or you work your nuts off and pay most of what you earn in tax.
I wish that I could hibernate Tucked up in bed, I''d lie and wait Until the sun shines warm each day The frost and snow all gone away I''d go to sleep and dream of days When in the sunshine I can laze I''d never have cold hands and toes Or Jack Frost nipping at my nose Yes, I think that it''s a great idea To hibernate till spring is here.
As long as he gets two or three 20-minute walks a day to work his energy off he will be content to laze around the rest of the time.
Women high-fliers are more likely to laze in baths, have a drink and put on the television.
You can laze in the water, watch the world float by or pump up your adrenaline with thrills and spills on some of the world's most exciting slides and water activities.
PATRICK HYLAND showed exactly why reigning European featherweight champion Sofiane Takoucht turned down a substantial pay-day to face him with an impressive performance against Suat Laze in Castlebar on Saturday.
And these days, as well as access to the countryside for walkies, many lay on much more for their canine guests, including log fires to laze in front of and even specially-prepared meals.